A friend suggested that I play around with code, specifically python, awhile back. I've bought several books and tinkered around here and there but I just couldn't get into the flow. Enter CodeCademy.com.

There are several sites out there and I am excited to experiment with them, but I received an email a couple of months ago from CodeCademy profiling one of their users that went from being a lawyer to a software developer and he had started with their site. He recommended starting with HTML and then moving on up to the "higher languages". That's when I had my "AHA" moment - I was trying to run before I even learned how to crawl.

I've designed websites for the last 20 some odd years, but I've always used programs to do it (Thanks FrontPage!) but the actual guts of the sites always intimidated me. Well, I am no longer going to cower in fear! While I may have a lot to learn I love the way that CodeCademy takes you through their lessons explaining simple concepts then having you actually type the code out. They prefill a lot so it doesn't feel tedious, but you do get a good bit of practice.

Here's to learning how to crawl.

(BTW - I did this whole post in my html editor, not my WYSIWYG - go code!)

I a month or so ago I bought a monitor from some guy on craigslist so I could run my raspberry pi more easily. After using it a few times I looked at my main computer and thought, "Why not go with a double screen when I'm not using the pi?"