When I was in my early 20's I became a bit of a health nut. So much so I kind of alienated some friends and family from my life because I was a bit fanatical. I don't think I was quite fanatical - I would still eat pretty much anything put in front of me, but I just tried to make sure it was the right stuff that was put in front of me. But because of the way that I talked about things I guess I was a bit of a downer with my, "I eat awesomely and am awesome" kind of attitude.

Things have changed, obviously.

While I was in my health nut mode I rarely had soda, let alone things that contained caffeine in them. Give me a Mountain Dew at 10 am and I'd have insomnia that night.

My love affair with caffeine didn't actually start with working night shift. It actually started about a year earlier when I started working out again. When I had started working out I came across C-4 Pre workout at Costco and thought I'd give it a shot. Oh. My. Gosh! What a buzz! Talk about workout motivator! 

It got to the point that I wouldn't workout unless I took a pre workout and then my acclimation began. 

I started working night shift about 2 years ago. My pattern turned into, wake up in the afternoon, take a pre-workout (with anywhere from 200-400mg of caffeine in it), do my workout, eat dinner with the family, go to work and start feeling sluggish, go to vending machine and grab a 200mg caffeine drink. Rinse. Repeat.

There are times that I can consume 600mg of caffeine and still have the urge to go take a nap.

I am no longer a health nut. I'm a caffeine junky.