When your 2 year old needs snuggle time and your work out coincide.

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I'm currently reading, "Do Father's Matter?: What Science is Us About the Parent We Overlooked." by Paul Raeburn. I'm not very far into the book, but a few things have stuck out to me already.

He comments that fathers are the ones that get down on the floor and play with their children and they are the ones that "roughhouse" with them. This stood out to me because, though I like to think of myself as a good father, I don't roughhouse with my children much.  Having 4 daughters I tend to be more gentle with my children. Sure, I get them to come outside with me to play, but roughhousing?

After reading that section, when I got home that morning I swooped down and gathered my children up as they came up to me and snuggled them close while asking how their morning has been so far. It was fun to watch their eyes light up and they smile so broadly by the small gesture on my part. So today, when our 2 years old child woke up from her nap and was feeling quite clingy with my wife, I snuck over to her, snatched her up and announced that I needed help with my workout!

I then proceeded to do "jumping jacks" with her slung over my shoulders, did squat to overhead press while having her touch the ceiling to count off my reps, and I snuggled her on my chest (pictured) to do weighted sit-ups. We both had a ball! I also got a better workout.