So, I traded someone on craigslist for a canoe. I am stoked!

The only problem (ok, not only, but near the top of the list) is that loading this sucker on and off my Honda Accord isn't terribly fun. Plus, I had to store the canoe on the ground making it a safe haven for snakes and other critters that I don't want to discover by lifting it up.

I decided to build a rack out of PVC to put in my truck so I could keep it light weight making it so I could lift it in and out on my own if I needed too. I also wanted to make it sturdy enough that my kids could play around on it and not break it cause I knew I wouldn't be able to stop them from hanging on it anyways. I also wanted to make it to where I could store the canoe on it when it wasn't on the truck.

I think it came along quite nicely. In the coming Spring I'll probably paint it black (the rack) so it doesn't stand out quite so much when loaded onto the truck.