Location: Congaree National Park, SC
Trail: Kingsnake trail - 3.7 miles (we went in and part way back out and then camped about a mile away from the trailhead)

Lessons learned:
So far all our trips have been pretty dry (weather wise) and so I had let my guard down. Fortunately, I had picked up these pack covers the night before and so we were prepared in that aspect, but otherwise we didn’t have any dry change of clothes - not even socks! Rooky mistake and I knew better! It started raining 10 minutes into our hike and so we spent the entire trip wet!
Bring a big stick - we came across a good sized copper head on our way out and I wish we had a readily available way to “shoo” it away from a distance.

This was a last minute trip when I realized that the campout we had planned on attending with our church wasn’t going to be attended by any of our friends so we decided to head out on our own on a different day. I found this trail in “Best Hikes with Dogs Georgia and South Carolina”. We were planning on taking M1's dog, but after reading about all the snakes along this trail we decided it’d be less stressful if we had him stay home on this trip.

I knew we were in for a treat when we were driving up to the visitor’s center and came across a turtle on the road. Horus’ eyes just lit up and we were starting the trip out right! This park is a floodplain and so the wildlife was plentiful. During our hike, we saw/heard deer, crayfish, coyote, owls, all sorts of cool bugs, a hawk, 3 types of turtles and probably other things I’m forgetting. The coyote scared us both a good bit as it was after we had turned lights out and I swear it was probably only 100 feet from us! I was trying out a hammock and felt quite exposed when I heard him yipping!